Xperia Z2 Tablet Accessories – For Business and Entertainment

Some products are designed for business. Other products are designed for pleasure. Fortunately, Xperia Z2 Tablet was designed with both in mind, and we wanted to take this opportunity to announce the global roll-out of a range of accessories that will help you make the most of what Xperia has to offer.

Below are just some of the NFC-enabled premium products that our design team have created that make Xperia Z2 Tablet indispensable, whether you’re replying to those urgent emails on the go, listening to some tunes at home, playing a game on the bus, or sitting back and relaxing whilst watching a movie.

BKC50-Bluetooth-Keyboard-with-Tablet-Cover-Stand-black-1240x840-bc1af015f543b87cb5d4644bc96a7851Bluetooth® Keyboard with Tablet Cover Stand BKC50

In a café, at home or stuck in the office, this sleek and lightweight wireless keyboard with cover stand is the perfect Xperia Z2 Tablet accessory. Stylish, protective and ergonomically perfected, this NFC-enabled protective case really does make working on the go that little bit easier. Light, slim and easy to use it’s ideal for making the most of Xperia Z2 Tablet’s pre-installed OfficeSuite Pro 7, so will probably replace your desktop sooner or later.

Speaker Square

Bluetooth® Speaker with Magnetic Charging Pad BSC10

Designed for entertainment at home, this magnetic charging pad with built-in bluetooth speaker allows you to charge your device and enjoy YouTube, movies, gaming and other video with crystal-clear sound. Making this little accessory perfect for syncing up Xperia Z2 tablet with your DualShock 3 controller and tearing up the streets on Ashpalt 8. Compatible with Xperia Z2 Tablet and it’s little brother Xperia Z2, sit back, take hands-free calls and let the best wireless audio fill your living room.



Remote Square

Bluetooth® Remote with Handset Function BRH10

Light and easy-to-use this remote control and mini Bluetooth handset is perfect for managing the media on your Xperia device. Whether you’re flicking through tracks, pausing a movie or scrolling through PowerPoint slides, this stylish little wand is perfect for controlling your device from a distance. Oh, and it can take calls too!

We’re constantly looking out for ways to make mobile business and entertainment easier, so keep an eye out for more accessories coming your way that will help you make the most Xperia.


Check out the video below, along with a range of product images that show you just some of the ways you can use these accessories…

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