Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC)

In the USA, the model handset rated HAC compliant was designed to comply with the requirements set forth in Section 20.19 of the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) rules governing hearing aid compatibility (HAC), for the reduction of radio frequency (RF) interference and magnetic coupling (T-coil) to hearing aids. The Microphone (M) rating and T-coil (T) rating is defined and labeled on the handset box.

Devices meeting HAC compliance must have a minimum M3 and/or T3 rating or above as defined by the FCC in accordance with the latest ANSI Standard C63.19. The M-Rating refers to lower RF emission levels of the handset. The T-Rating refers to the magnetic coupling between the handset and the T-coil compatible hearing aid.

Some hearing aids are also provided an M-Rating, and are more immune than others to interference. To determine the M-Rating of your hearing aid, please contact your hearing health professional.

For more information about HAC, please visit the CTIA’s site.

Model Name Model Number M-Rating T-Rating Air Interface(s)
Xperia Advance ST27a M3 N/A GSM/WCDMA
Xperia arc S LT18a M3 N/A GSM/WCDMA
Xperia E C1504 M3 T3 GSM/WCDMA
Xperia E dual C1604 M3 T3 GSM/WCDMA
Xperia ion LT28at M3 T3 GSM/WCDMA
Xperia ion HSPA LT28h M3 T3 GSM/WCDMA
Xperia L C2104 M3 T3 GSM/WCDMA
Xperia P LT22i M3 T3 GSM/WCDMA
Xperia Play 4G R800a M3 T3 GSM/WCDMA
Xperia SP C5302 M3 T3 GSM/WCDMA
Xperia SP C5306 M3 T3 GSM/WCDMA
Xperia TL LT30at M3 T3 GSM/WCDMA
Xperia Z C6602 M3 N/A GSM/WCDMA
Xperia ZL C6506 M4 T3 GSM/WCDMA