In everything we do in our sustainability work, our mindset is clear: to always be credible, sincere, long-term and always consider the environmental, social and economic consequences of our actions. And at the core of who we are is our GreenHeart™ – our commitment to being ethically sound and environmentally responsible – inside and out.

Sony Mobile considers sustainable development and production to be one of the most important challenges for the future and one that demands immediate action from all responsible manufacturers. We are committed to the continuous improvement of the sustainability impact of our company. From product design and production to always being a responsible member of the communities in which we operate. Not only do we comply with the applicable regulations and laws, we also work hard to exceed customer and market requirements in all three dimensions of sustainability: environmental, social and economic.

From the start, with the launch of the Sony Ericsson C901™GreenHeart™ in 2009, the intention has always been to broaden GreenHeart™ across the portfolio. For us GreenHeart™ is not a competition to produce the greenest products, it is an initiative to improve our entire portfolio. We want to ensure that every phone and accessory includes GreenHeart™ credentials and step-by-step we are working towards this goal.

When it comes to our environmental impact, Sony Mobile sets clear targets and measures its achievements.