Sony Annual Report 2012 – Business and CSR Review

We believe that taking a holistic approach to our business is essential for sustainability. We strive to take a leadership position, driving sustainable improvements in our products, manufacturing, logistics and supply chain. Working with all aspects of our business, we examine the economic, environmental and social dimensions. Since we became part of Sony Group, Sony Mobile is no longer presenting its own Sustainability Report. From 2012 this is reported in Sonys “Annual Report 2012 – Business and CSR Review”, which can be downloaded at In addition, more details on Sony Group’s environmental activities are reported on : .

Sustainability Reports from previous years

The Sony Ericsson Sustainability Report 2008 was our first annual sustainability report and it set out the baseline of our work. For the first time, the measurement of our greenhouse gas emissions was formally compiled and our commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions was described as part of our life cycle assessment. To read the full report of 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 click on the links below:

Sony Ericsson Sustainability Report 2011 (PDF – in English only).

Sony Ericsson Sustainability Report 2008 (PDF – in English only).

Sony Ericsson Sustainability Report 2009 (PDF – in English only).

Sony Ericsson Sustainability Report 2010 (PDF – in English only).

Environmental declarations

Through our Environmental Declarations, we invite any interested parties to obtain factual information from us. The Environmental Declaration gives information on the most relevant environmental aspects of each of our products such as material content, energy consumption, batteries, packaging and recycling.

To read the Environmental Declaration for a specific product, please visit