Energy efficiency

Efficient use

Unplug the charger

During the use of a mobile phone the product’s environmental impact comes from energy use. If electrical products are switched off but left plugged into the wall socket, they still consume small amounts of electricity – called standby or no-load power consumption. Most of the energy used for many consumer electronic products comes from products in this standby mode and not when the product is used. All the small chargers and power converters connected to the grid are draining small amounts of power, and the drain from many sources leads to a substantial amount of energy wasted. The charger should therefore be unplugged from the wall socket once the product is fully charged to avoid energy being wasted.

Configuration of your mobile phone

To increase the time between charging and to help save energy, you can easily adjust the settings of your mobile phone. This will enable you to use your phone for a longer period before the battery needs to be charged as well as minimise the energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

  • Adjusting the backlight brightness of the screen
  • Switch off WLAN and Bluetooth when not in use
  • Use the phone in 2G mode when no large amounts of data are being transferred.
  • Change the update interval for emails and other web-based applications
  • Always have the latest software update installed in the phone
  • Turning data traffic off when not needed.