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At Sony Mobile, respect for human rights and the ethical treatment of all employees is a matter of course to us. It is our policy to behave in a socially and ethically responsible way as well as to operate our business in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

At Sony Mobile, in April 2013, we have adopted the 2nd Edition of the Sony Supplier Code of Conduct (the supplier code) and started to require our suppliers to fully comprehend and comply with it. The Supplier code requires our suppliers to respect the basic human rights, provide fair working conditions and a healthy and safe workplace for their employees, and apply proper ethical standards in all their business dealings.

While evolving our approach towards supply chain Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) over 10 years, we have learned that both profound understanding by suppliers and long term engagement by Sony Mobile are indispensable to build continuous positive changes in our supply chain.

With the adoption of the Sony Supplier Code of Conduct in 2013, Sony Mobile started to reinforce the supply chain CSR activities by working together with our parent company Sony to effectively and efficiently manage our supply chain which largely overlaps in certain areas. Our experienced CSR auditors have also gone through the EICC-GeSI Labor & Ethics Lead Auditor course to enhance their understanding to our supplier code.

In 2014, Sony Mobile introduced the EICC’s Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) to its suppliers. The SAQ is now being used as a tool for efficiently assessing CSR risks as well as obtaining an overview of the supplier’s CSR status.

In the past few years, Sony Mobile has continued with its strategy of supply chain CSR engagement by performing focused CSR assessments and education towards components suppliers and formal CSR audits and corrective actions to production sites by our CSR auditors. In 2013, Sony Mobile has conducted CSR assessments and audits against 51 component suppliers and production sites, including 26 which received our CSR activities for the first time. We are continuously supporting and monitoring these suppliers and production sites for their CSR improvements.

Believing that the key to success in CSR is profound understanding by suppliers and building mutual trust in the relationship, we award our suppliers when we find their excel performance in CSR area based on their clear support of and dedication to their improvement in supplier responsibility during the year.

In 2014, all Sony Mobile employees are mandated to take the on-line training of the Sony Group Corporate Code of Conduct. The training informs our employees about our essential values as a Sony Mobile employee including basic human rights and business ethics.

Sony Supplier Code of Conduct 2nd Edition (PDF – in English only).

For Sony’s supply chain CSR, please visit “Responsible Sourcing” (in English only).

Sony Group Corporate Code of Conduct