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Last post we talked about the really cool extras designed for Android that we presented during the 2012 International CES. On this blog post, we will share with you more information about two of them that are focused on really enhancing your experience with your smartphone: the SmartWatch and the Smart Wireless Headset pro.

The SmartWatch is a micro display for Android smartphones, that communicates with the phone via bluetooth  and  enables you to wirelessly access or decline calls, read messages and use applications.

With SmartWatch, you can read what your friends are doing on Facebook,  read your latest email, record your exercise routine, or just use it to check the time, as the 1.3 inch OLED touch display can be mounted on a strap and used like a watch.  You can personalize your experience with SmartWatch through widgets and applications that will be available on Android market.

Want to know more? Watch the SmartWatch video now!

We also presented the Smart Wireless Headset pro, that is a stereo bluetooth headset  for Android that not only delivers premium stereo sound, but also offers multifunctional features. This headset can be used as an MP3 player ( it includes an SD card reader), a portable FM radio, or a remote that displays messages, caller ids, calendar events, etc. Also, the Smart Wireless Headset pro can actually read you your incoming messages, via text to speech, so it really makes your life easier while on the go. This headset is perfect for doing exercise accompanied by your music!

Check the video for the Smart Wireless eadset pro  here .

Both SmartWatch and Smart Wireless Headset pro are designed to work with most Android phones, so you can use them with your favorite Xperia phone, or with phones of other manufacturers. And you can watch the great video that our colleagues from Developer World did of both accessories here.