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Today is Friday and it’s the last day of the 2012 International CES, and it has been an special show for us and I really enjoyed sharing the experience, the announcements and the excitement with you!

During CES, we asked on our Facebook page what would they like to know more about the Xperia S smartphone, so we could make a video about that feature, explaining a little more in depth about it.  People voted, and the feature that our Facebook fans wanted to know more about was the Dual Processor.

So, with a little help of the Developer World guys, Stephen Sneeden, our Product Expert, gave us an overview of the  1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S3 MSM8260 dual core processor and what it means for the phone and the users.

What feature would you have voted for?

Our colleagues from Sony also did a great crowdsourced video about the multimedia features on the Xperia S that is worth checking out!