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In previous posts we have talked about how you can use your Xperia™  to  connect  to a big screen like your TV to access content, show and share it with your friends and family, and during the 2012 International CES, at the Sony booth, we could see a lot more about how you can connect your Xperia™  with other devices: stream your favorite songs using Music Unlimited from your phone to your car or home stereo system, connect with your friend using his  Sony tablet to play a game against you on your smartphone , share the photos you took in 3D with your Xperia™  directly to your 3D screen.

With the new Xperia™ S and Xperia™ ion,  content accessing and sharing with other devices such as Laptops, Tablets and TVs becomes really easy and intuitive.

Just connect the smartphone through an HDMI cable to your TV and you can share the HD videos you took before with the 12 MP Camera, or use the remote control to navegate on your phone and check the most watched videos on YouTube or read what did your friends say on Facebook about your latest picture. If you are bored, you can go to Video Unlimited and watch one of the latest films, directly from your phone, or on your Tablet or TV.  If you are traveling, you can connect your Xperia™ S to the screen on your room and read your latest emails or check your calendar so you know exactly what meetings you have the next day.

The video we posted really explains more what you can do with Xperia™ S, so check it out.