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Have you ever wondered what does someone from our customer service team think of the Sony Ericsson phones?  Well, we interviewed one of our Customer service team, Markus Hermansson, about his experience with his Xperia smartphone and how he used it during their day. Check out what he told us.

1)     How do you use your phone to make the most of your day?

I use my Smartphone Xperia arc (or ray) to do a lot. It wakes me up in the mornings (well, it tries to) and provides me with the lovely snooze option.

I get out of bed (eventually), get dressed eat breakfast etc. and then I check my Twitter and Facebook. During the day when working I listen to music a lot. LiveSound phone headphones = quality sound! When at the gym I also listen to music but I use a Bluetooth headset since the wires tend to get in the way.

On lunch breaks and during my other free time I play games (Great Little War Game is my favourite right now) and read some blogs (mainly Fredrik Backman from Café).

I also use the phone for minor bank errands.

When travelling I use Wisepilot so I won’t get lost. 🙂
To sum things up I guess I use my phone more than I first thought. I have not even mentioned the obvious things like calling, texting and taking photos so far and that’s of course something I do too.

2)     What’s the most entertaining thing your XperiaTM has ever done for you?

It must be the music, without a doubt. Whenever I travel by bus/train/airplane etc, work or just want to escape from the noises around me, I just plug in my headset and tap play.

3)     How does your XperiaTM entertain you on the way to work?

I walk to work each morning (takes me about 20 mins) and I usually like to enjoy the silence in the morning but every now and then when the traffic noise is too loud I listen to music. J

4)      If you had one tip for XperiaTM users, what would it be?

Don’t be afraid to personalize the phone. There are tons of great apps in the Android Market that can be useful and entertaining. Don’t be afraid to get yourself involved with all the features. Explore them all and see what you like. 🙂

5)     Which XperiaTM do you have?

Currently I’m using Xperia arc but I’ve just switched to this from Xperia ray. The bigger screen is simply better for gaming. J Apart from the screen and the camera I think ray could be one of the best smart phones on the market. I love it and I will probably go back to it if I run out of fun games. J

6)     What’s the most common question you get asked about social media?

“What exactly do you do? What is there that can be done for a whole day five days a week?”

I guess people underestimate the power of social media. Old media is still what most people are used to. Who wants to read a newspaper nowadays? It holds yesterday’s news.

Everyone is online, and if they’re not, they should be. 🙂
It is 2011 (almost 2012) and people Google to find answers. We should be there so our presence and work is what they find when they search.