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In past posts, we have talked about Xperia Studio, and the really cool things we are producing with a lot of creative people. From 360 degrees rides on a mountain bike, to showing the invisible universe through an app, Xperia Studio is always pushing the limits of technology and reality.

Now, Xperia Studio presents The Swarm, the first movie filmed exclusively with Xperia arc S smartphones, directed by Tom Harper, BAFTA nominated British director of movies as The Scouting Book for Boys, This is England ’86 and The Borrowers.

The Swarm, written by Geoff Bussetil with help from Daniel Kaluuya, is the (really scary) story of an alien invasion, viewed from the eyes of several characters through their phone cameras, giving the short a subjective and realistic feel.

For The Swarm, Tom used a handful of Xperia arc S smartphones, and to get more steady shots, he built a cradle for the phones, rigging them up to a tripod and professional monitors. Also, many shots were captured freestyle, providing the subjective element that plays a strong role on the movie.

Don’t miss the behind the scenes video, so you can experience more of The Swarm, and don’t forget to check out our Xperia Studio Facebook app and  site for news and more incredible videos.