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    On Monday night we hosted a great VIP Developer and Partner Event on our MWC stand to celebrate the success of our ever-growing network. It was great to see it so full, with over 200 people attending from some 150 companies and a real mix of talented individuals, from the big games houses and tech savvy forums, through to some of the leading indy developers.

    The evening was a One Sony event, with people from Sony Mobile, PlayStation, Sony Tablet & Sony Google TV Set Top Box all in attendance.

    The event was a great success, hosted by Dennis Van Schie, CVP & Head of Product Business Unit and Steve Walker, CMO Sony Mobile Communications. Dennis & Steve shared our vision for true cross platform integration across all Sony devices, and our commitment to working with development partners to deliver the ultimate entertainment experience.

    Organised by the Developer World team, guests were able to mingle, network and get their hands on the latest Sony devices including the Xperia NXT series Sony smartphones, Sony Tablets and PS Vita.

    We aimed to re-enforce our intention to be an open company operating on open platforms to attract the best developers with the greatest innovations delivered to our devices. Our innovation in hardware is replicated with huge efforts in the software and developer worlds and we are keen to work with the best.