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Xperia S, the first Sony smartphone in the new Xperia NXT series, was made available for the first time today… during the throws of MWC week!

The person fronting the queue this morning received an Xperia S on us, and Hadi Etminani camped out through the night to ensure he was the first person to get his hands on it!

We were there to capture all the anticipation and excitement  – luckily we had our friendly Terminator on hand to ensure order remained throughout 🙂

We first announced Xperia S at CES in Vegas last month and have been showcasing it this week at Mobile World Congress – you can look forward to it rolling out globally over the coming months.

Having had the opportunity to play with an Xperia S this week, I can wholeheartedly say that this is a smartphone worth queuing for – and not because I work for Sony! It is an awesome phone and the screen and camera capabilities really are something special.

I am not looking forward to giving it back at the end of MWC, so I might have to pay another visit to Barcelona’s Sony store to secure one of my own! 😉