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Sony smartwatch is much more than an impressive remote for your Xperia smartphone – it’s a neat gadget brimming with features designed to complement you and your lifestyle.

We got hands-on with smartwatch at this year’s MWC – you can browse your social networks, read emails, check for missed calls, even flick through your music player… but, by simply downloading some of the innovative apps from Google play, you can also enjoy these unique experiences:

1. The remote control camera, VFinder. Use this app to capture a photo from a different room or almost any accessible location. Simply place your camera ready to take a snap, look through the viewfinder on your smartwatch, swipe to take your picture and capture it in your image gallery.

2. Take a run (or walk, or cycle) with Endomondo Sports Tracker. It acts as your personal trainer and social fitness partner, letting you track your workouts and challenge friends. With smartwatch, you can access your performance stats on the move and break your personal best without needing to look at your phone. Smartwatch’s splash proof screen also lets fitness junkies monitor performance when braving the rain.

3. Become the grocery store uber-geek with Pocket To Do. No need for paper lists here – just swipe your items off your smartwatch once in your basket.

4. Quickly switch your handset to silent mode with Modechanger, perfect for rushing in to work briefings. Talking of…

5. Presentation Pal lets you remotely set-up and configure your work slides and presentations. Simply click the smartwatch screen to flick on to the next slide. No more fumbling for the laptop keypad or mouse during that all-important meeting.

6. But say you’re stuck in a less-than-important (or never-ending) meeting… Quickly and easily flick through your favourite RSS web feeds to catch-up with the latest news. Your boss will think you’re just checking the time to make sure the meeting isn’t running over 😉

7. Want more reasons to take a break from work? You can now play classic games on smartwatch such as retro puzzler, Tic-Tac-Toe.

8. Smartwatch doesn’t have a keypad, but you can still respond to texts with the Messaging app. Simply open a text message on smartwatch then tap “Reply” and select a response from the pre-set options, such as “Call Me”.

9. If you have a Bluetooth headset, you can take calls from other Xperia smartphones on smartwatch. Simply click your wrist and speak to fellow Xperia users hands free. You can also reject any call you (don’t) like.

10. Last but not least… smartwatch even lets you tell the time! It may seem obvious, but with all the incredible functionality on offer it’s easy to forget. By downloading apps, you can also change the look of your watch face. Check out Droid Watches for starters!

Sony smartwatch is shipping globally as you read this – have fun and let us know what you’ve been doing with yours 🙂