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From the very beginning when we launched the C901™ GreenHeart™ in 2009, our intention has always been to broaden GreenHeart™ across the portfolio. For us GreenHeart™ is not  simply a competition to produce the greenest products, it is an initiative to improve the green credentials of our entire portfolio. We want to ensure that every phone and accessory we create includes GreenHeart™ credentials and step-by-step we are working towards this goal.

We work hard to use recycled plastics and waterborne paint in as many of our smartphones as possible. Recycled plastics helps to reduce the use of oil based virgin plastics and waterborne paint lowers emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) compared to solvent-borne paints. Xperia™ P, Xperia™ U and Xperia™ sola are examples of phones that contain recycled plastics and waterborne paint.

From the beginning of 2011, our new headsets use recycled plastics and our new standard chargers have a no-load power consumption of ≤ 30 mW which means lower power consumption. Minimised packaging allows us to send more phones within each shipment which cuts down greenhouse gas emissions from transportation. To save natural resources we have also decided not to provide extended paper manuals and CDs with our phones. Instead they are accessible via the phone.

For more information on our GreenHeart™ ambition please visit