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So, yesterday morning we braved a very grey and rainy morning to head down to London’s Science Museum for the launch of an exciting new Augmented reality App – James May’s Science Stories.

James May, best known as Captain Slow from the BBC’s world-renowned Top Gear program, has always been a keen advocate of science and learning. He teamed up with publishers ICN supported by Digitcave for 3D capture & rendering and Qualcomm for their AR expertise to produce an exciting new app that helps the public engage with the Science Museum’s exhibits.

By clicking on a marker at selected plinths, a 3D walking talking rendering of James May appears magically on your screen to talk you through the objects, how they work and their place in history.

We think it is a great use of technology to get people to engage with science and its history to drive development in the future. The app can be downloaded here from Google Play, and has an at home, as well as in Museum mode.

For those not easily able to pop into the Science Museum, you can download a marker, print it out and get James’ insight projected onto whatever flat surface you fancy.

Currently James shares his thoughts and insight into ten fascinating exhibits from the museum’s “Making of the Modern World” gallery. These represent a fraction of the museum’s estimated 300,000 objects, so expect the app’s repertoire to expand over the next few months.

Further information can be found on the science museum’s website at

As a gadget and technology lover this was certainly a great way to start the day for me. I have been playing with the ‘at home’ marker and showing the app off to my friends ever since – go on, give it a go!