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In March we announced the release of +U, a revolutionary Android mobile app that sets out to deliver real world, bite-size volunteering opportunities to a new, socially motivated audience. It aims to make one-off volunteering quicker, easier and more social. It works by combining geolocation with social networking and gaming to do just that.

The +U code has been released open-source, which means any organisation can take the code to repurpose it and adapt it for their own use. YouthNet, who runs the UK’s national volunteering database, is already piloting the application in the UK.

To get you inspired in repurposing the code for your favourite charity, we’ve also created a guide on how to run collaborative development days to get volunteers helping you adapt the code to fit your needs. We hope this is just the beginning for +U.

+U is great proof point of what collaborative innovation is all about. It was the final concept to come out from a joint Sony and WWF crowdsourcing initiative called Open Planet Ideas. You can see the story behind the initiative in the video above.

So if you’re involved in a charity organisation and you are looking for a way to reach out to more volunteers, make sure that people can easily find you by utilizing the +U application!

For those of you who are looking to use this application to find volunteering opportunities please be aware that at the moment it is only available in the UK. By raising the awareness of this unique open-source application, we are however hoping to make this available in more countries soon as more organizations start to use it.