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Today, Sony smartwatch gets a software update.

First off, we’re enhancing the watch face so that it’s always visible, even in standby – you guys fed back on this issue and we understood it was an essential area for improvement.

We’ve also enhanced usage support in the smartwatch application and Endomondo Sports Tracker is now available in the recommended applications list… so there really is no excuse to not get fit for summer!

We’ve tweaked and made a number of improvements to Music Player, Weather and most third-party apps (meaning they run much quicker and smoother), whilst ironing out and giving you a number of bug and stability fixes.

The update is available from Google play, but current smartwatch users will receive a notification in their Android Smartphone when it becomes available.

We hope you enjoy the new features and functionality – as always, please let us know your feedback in the comments below!

[UPDATE] After receiving feedback on our smartwatch software update 1.2, it has come to our knowledge that a few of you are experiencing some functionality problems after installation.

If this is the case, please visit and, for support, relevant contact details and help with individual and specific issues.