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We know many of you guys are both experienced and qualified old-hand developers, so you might be interested in something our Developer World colleagues are running at the moment.

Firstly – as you know, we recently released a software update for smartwatch and in the video above, Marcus goes through some of the new features, functionality and improvements in a little more detail – we hope you find it useful.

You’ll also notice that he mentions a cool initiative we’re running at the moment, giving developers the chance to get a free smartwatch and their names in lights on our social media channels (with permission of course)…

We’re looking for new, creative ideas for smartwatch app extensions, and if you submit a new smartwatch enabled app to Google Play before the 26th of this month, we’ll also throw you (not literally) a Smart Wireless Headset pro as a bonus.

So, if you’re an Android developer with experience under your belt who fancies a challenge, visit our campaign page to get involved!

Over and out.