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I just thought I’d share and remind you about something that might be useful on this or any other Summer weekend.

Xperia™ with Facebook lets you do some pretty cool stuff, but don’t take it from me…

  • Comment, share and Like music tracks and snaps straight from the photo and music apps…  and even check out friend’s recommended tunes!
  • Like FM radio music, so everyone can see the waves *you* think (might be) cool
  • Access Facebook photos directly from your smartphone’s album
  • See events and birthdays in your calendar and friend profiles in your phone contacts
  • Share and publish favourite apps to Facebook

It’s part of what makes Xperia smartphones tick – a quicker and easier way to stay close to family and friends!

Let me know what you’re capturing and sharing on your Xperia smartphone this weekend – have a good one 🙂