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Last week I mentioned “Extended Standby Mode”, a new feature in the Xperia P Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade that can increase standby duration by up to four times – it’s pretty cool so I thought I would take a closer look. 

When looking at daily usage alongside power consumption, it’s clear that a high proportion of battery power is consumed while you’re not actively using the device; you might not be aware of apps trotting along in the background and syncing continually, sapping battery juice.

Some people choose to minimize power consumption by tweaking relevant settings or by downloading different apps from Google play. In your Xperia smartphone user guide, we detail the best ways to save power but, we wanted to come up with something new, improved and intuitive  – making it simple to ensure power is only consumed when you need it.

So, after turning your Xperia P screen off, processes run as normal for 15 minutes, before Extended Standby Mode kicks-in…

  • Most apps are closed down, with data connection turned off
  • App sync is suspended and notifications won’t pop up
  • LED only illuminates to indicate low battery, with a prompt to the Power Management setting when running low
  • Ongoing data streaming continues
  • Calls, SMS, MMS, Sony Mobile Calendar and Alarm notifications work as normal

And when you reactivate the handset by hitting the power button… you will have the Android experience you know and love; apps will sync, with notifications working as usual.

Got your Xperia P (running ICS) in hand? Good. Simply hit Settings – Power Management – Activate Extended Standby Mode, and you’re ready to go!

If you have any questions on Extended Standby Mode, feel free to drop them below 🙂