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Hallo again from Berlin!

So yesterday we gave you a look at the WATCH section of the Sony stand, today we headed into the LISTEN section to see what audio goodness we had in store for you there. Being Saturday it is pretty mental out on the floor, but we managed to fight through the crowds to get a few little gems for you!

Sony has always been big in the audio space, I personally remember the first walkman (yes – I am that old!!) and saving up to buy my first Sony stereo, so it was great for me to go and play with all the latest gear.

There is a huge array of products, from big boom boxes and TV sound bars to Hi-Fi systems and stand alone speakers, but being Sony Mobile, we’ll focus on mobile related tech and a couple of things stood out that we want to share with you.

We gave you a look at the new Sony Walkman App the other day, which is pretty awesome in itself, but when teamed with some of the cool new accessories on show it can really be the hub of your musical experience.

Built-in to our new phones is NFC technology, which allows you transfer information and connect to other devices with a simple touch. Sony has worked with this technology to develop One-Touch, making pairing devices a simple and effortless task. Simply touch the different devices together and they are paired. Check out the video above to see it in action!

Sony has released a couple of products in this range, the small and portable Wireless speaker SRS-BTV5 we introduced you to on Thursday, The larger Wireless speaker BTM 8B and also some cool new wireless bluetooth headphones MDR-1DBT – all of which will connect to your phone simply by touching them together – very cool stuff! No more fumbling around in menus and entering codes to get things to work together. This is technology as it should be – simple!

And what to listen to? We also released a free 60 day trial for Music Unlimited – get access to millions of tracks, for free, for two months – what are you waiting for??