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Formerly known as LiveWare Manager, new Smart Connect app has launched on Google play!

Smart Connect, lets you control and customize the way Smart Accessories interact with your phone. It’s an intuitive, little piece of Sony magic…

For example, simply connect your Smart Headset (or other headset) to an Xperia smartphone to enjoy an optimized listening experience in seconds – Walkman opens, the volume is set the way you like it and your favorite music is locked, loaded and ready to play.

It saves you time and makes life easier – that’s what we all want, right?

Connecting a different device to your Xperia smartphone promises a new, instant and personalized experience…

  • Touch an Xperia SmartTag to initiate actions in the phone, such as GPS, Bluetooth™, maps and navigation in the car, or alarm on and Wi-Fi off at night.
  • Organize your SmartWatch with all the apps and plug-ins you want. Decide how you want them to interact with your smartphone.
  • Decide what actions you want to trigger every time you connect to a HD TV via TV Dock.

The app also conditions your smartphone to react to new environments and connections – for instance, it will initiate certain actions depending on the time of day. It will also recognize when the handset connects to a peripheral device such as a charger.

If that isn’t enough, this innovative app will also recommend and help you find new apps for your Smart Accessories!

It’s worth noting that Smart Connect requires Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich.

My friends at Developer World have taken a closer look at some of the new functionality and as usual, we’ll keep you up-to-date with all the updates and news!

Happy Monday everyone 🙂