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Afternoon guys,

I just wanted to share something with you before the weekend – my five favourite Xperia J features… I think apt, as it’s an Xperia smartphone for the social animals amongst us!


Here goes…

5. The 4″0 screen

Despite being our more affordable proposition, Xperia J’s screen is no-slouch – a vivid, bright 480 x 854 pixel display that brings your content to life!

4. Sony’s media applications

Guess I’m cheating here, as Sony’s media applications are available across our 2012 Xperia smartphones running ICS… but, WALKMAN, Album and Movies give you a new, engaging and intuitive way to experience you music, images, videos and films.

3. Smart illuminations

Xperia J’s smart illuminations notify you on social chatter – the cool light gives you a heads–up on every email, tweet, like, comment and message!

2. Design

Our new Xperia range is designed using “arc” design language, based on human curvature to fit perfectly in your hand – it’s sleek, slender and stylish. If you missed the webchat with our design guys on these new smartphones, be sure to check it out.

1. Easy connectivity

Enjoying images, home-movies or films on the 4″0 display is a treat, but Xperia J connects to your TV or Tablet using WiFi or DNLA, so you can give people the bigger picture 🙂


PS. I hear you guys and realise this isn’t the ICS update post you wanted – but stay with me, shortly – have a good weekend!