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Quick heads up guys – today sees the launch of PlayStation Mobile.

As we mentioned a few weeks back, PS Mobile is available through PlayStation Store on PlayStation Certified devices and will offer fresh gaming experiences from existing publishers and emerging dev talent.

There are about 20 titles in the store to choose from so far, priced from about €0.65 upwards, and once downloaded, games can be played on up to three PlayStation Certified devices (like Xperia T, Xperia S and Xperia PLAY among others) and of course, your PS Vita.

Some of the launch titles we’re looking forward to trying out tonight include: award-winning retro arcader, Super Crate Box; PoW romp, Rebel and addictive puzzler, Twist Pilot.

For more info; details on access and getting started, games line-up and compatible device list, head on over to the official PlayStation blog.