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Hey Sony Mobile fans, fancy testing your smarts to win lots of great Sony Xperia prizes?

Our “Eight hours of smartness” competition launches tomorrow, giving you the chance to grab Xperia T’s (the Bond phone no less), SmartWatches, Smart Wireless Headset pros, Wireless Speakers or even a Sony MS430 speaker.

According to our calculations; that’s a lot of prizes for a lot of lucky people!

Here’s how to get involved:

– “Eight hours of smartness” will be hosted in a Sony TV studio and live-streamed on our Facebook page

– In the studio, you’ll find two things: our presenter and a live grid of SmartTags

– This SmartTag wall is the game board – you could say it’s a little like a digital Battleships

– Simply join the queue of competitors and keep your fingers crossed as players are picked at random

– If you are selected to play, quickly choose the SmartTag coordinates you think hide a prize and then let our host do the rest…

– If you’re a winner, the onscreen Xperia smartphone will notify you there and then 🙂

– If not – no worries, re-join the queue as the game restarts every hour

The competition kicks off Thursday 1st November 2.00pm, running to 10.00pm CET the same day.

See you tomorrow!