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Hello again!

As you will (hopefully) have seen, on Monday at our press conference, we announced our brand new flagship smartphone Xperia Z along with its sibling Xperia ZL.

It was really exciting to see the response from the show floor. With Xperia Z, we have tried to pull the very best of Sony into a new beautiful (and resilient) smartphone design and it felt like people really connected with that. From the camera, to the screen, to the media apps, to the sleek premium look, Xperia Z really is loaded with hallmark Sony design, tech, connectivity and entertainment. All shown off, of course, in the perfect setting – surrounded by its amazing ‘family’ of cameras, TVs, audio products and the like that our Sony colleagues have created.

It was especially good to hear people saying things like “Wow, Sony you have a winner here” and “This is a smartphone worthy of the Sony name”. As a marketing man, I like when people not only love your product, but they also ‘get’ exactly what you were trying to achieve! 🙂

Anyhow, that’s enough from me for now but the Sony Mobile news team will continue to bring you more on Xperia Z and ZL from the show floor, so make sure you keep coming back. Oh and follow @SonyMobileNews too for the latest!