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Hello everyone,

As you saw earlier this week, we announced a new addition to the Xperia family – Android smartphone, Xperia Z.

Xperia Z brings the best of Sony’s hallmark expertise (over half a century’s worth, to be precise) in TV, imaging, music and gaming, together for the first time in a mobile device… the result? A superphone.

So, let’s take a closer look at the precision engineered, signature Sony tech in Xperia Z –

5” 1080p full HD Reality Display, powered by Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2

Xperia Z’s 5” is powered by Sony’s Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2, the second iteration of this technology. Images are auto-optimised, with contrast, colour management, noise reduction and sharpness – Reality Display puts it perfectly, content never looked so true-to-life!

Sleek Sony design, with the highest levels of dust and water resistance in a smartphone

With Xperia Z, we’re introducing a unique OmniBalance design that focuses on balance and symmetry – subtly rounded edges and smooth reflective surfaces on all sides.

Premium materials are used from top to bottom, including durable tempered glass for the front and back. Each panel has an anti-shatter film and the skeleton frame is made of tough glass fibre polyamide which has superior mechanical strength for even greater durability…

On durability, Xperia Z runs perfectly even after 30 mins up to 1 meter under water. Someone tells me (the lucky person that did the test), that it can also withstand water jets! The IP55 & IP57 rating means you can use it in the rain, take photos by the pool, blog in the bath, tweet on the toilet…  🙂

13MP fast capture camera, with world’s first Exmor RS for mobile and HDR video

Xperia Z’s camera is built with the same modules as those found in top Sony cameras – example smarts include Superior Auto and Exmor RS for mobile…

Superior Auto is used in Sony Digital Cameras; it combines Scene Recognition with high quality imaging technology (HDR and noise reduction) to automatically shoot with optimal settings – meaning the best shots are guaranteed whatever the conditions.

Exmor RS is the world’s first image sensor with HDR video for smartphones – it is an evolution of our Sony image sensor technology, with a next-gen BSI light sensor, so flawless performance remains in lowlight and strong backlight conditions.

1.5 GHz asynchronous quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor with 2GB RAM

Xperia Z is locked and loaded with Qualcomm’s lightening quick, powerhouse Snapdragon S4 Pro processor. This is an advanced quad core processor that gives you maximum performance and speed without draining battery juice – allowing you to run multiple apps simultaneously, browse the web with no loading time and stream videos without lag.

Battery power efficiency – Super STAMINA

Even though you’ll probably have your phone with you all the time, it’ll be on standby for most of it (actually about 90% of the time, based on some research we’ve done). And you want to save your phone’s juice for more fun things! So we developed Battery STAMINA mode that can improve standby time by four times or more.

Smartphones tend to keep a lot of apps running in the background, even when you are not actually using them. Well, switch to this mode, and your phone knows when your screen is off and shuts down the battery-draining apps you don’t need. Then, the moment you start up your screen again, the apps will resume running. Super smart.

Even better, we’ve made it fully customisable – so if you just can’t live without your Facebook notifications of DMs, no problem. Just choose any apps you want to keep running in the background, and those will remain unaffected. So you can manage your battery life smarter to make sure you’ll always have adequate juice for texting and calls and for more important things like movies, games and music 🙂

Sony world of high quality entertainment

Sony Media Applications offer entertainment experiences across a range of Sony devices – Xperia smartphones, tablets and VAIO PCs. As you’d expect, our “WALKMAN”, Album and Movies apps are pre-loaded on Xperia Z, letting you keep all your content in one easily accessible place, and in relevant markets, giving you access to Sony Entertainment Network with its 18 million+ songs from Music Unlimited and over 100,000 movies and TV shows from Video Unlimited.

But that’s not all, no one is making it easier to share content wirelessly than us – we’ve never really been one for cables – so we’ve made it possible to enjoy content with an array of devices through new One-touch functions like screen mirroring, to enjoy your phone’s videos, photos or even apps on your TV screen.

LTE, 4G for super fast entertainment

Snapdragon S4 Pro has a built-in LTE/4G modem, this means fewer dropped calls and speeds up to 10 times faster than 3G. Together with Sony’s expertise in radio technology, Snapdragon S4 Pro also ensures better reception in the most remote places.

It also worth noting, Xperia Z and Xperia ZL smartphones will be available across all LTE spectrum bands.

If you have any questions on Xperia Z or design variant, Xperia ZL, feel free to drop them below – and, don’t forget to check out the video above, where Stephen Sneeden, Xperia Product Marketing Manager talked through and demonstrated some of these key features earlier this week.

Over and out.