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We’ve started to roll out a firmware update for our Mac app, Bridge for Mac

It’ll hit markets over the coming weeks* and you’ll receive a prompt when it’s ready to go.

So since you’ve made the leap of (smartphone) faith, you probably want to know about some of the new features and functionality in version 3.2. Here goes:

Improved support for Xperia Z & Xperia ZL, with new compatibility for Xperia Tablet Z

Xperia Z and Xperia ZL have always got on well with Bridge, but we’ve streamlined the way they communicate with each other, as well as adding full compatibility for soon-to-launch Xperia Tablet Z.

Smoother compatibility with Mac OS 10.8

There’s now less lag when you hook your Xperia smartphone up to your Mac, intelligent Backup & Restore for your content and more bullet-proof handling of media meta data.

Contact setup & sync

Migrating contacts and sorting in an orderly fashion is a hassle at the best of times, right? Our new service does all the hard work for you, setting up your Xperia phonebook by auto-syncing contacts across your different social / enterprise / personal accounts.

Xperia camera import

We’ve made importing your snaps, laughs and memories (to iPhoto or a folder of your choice) easier and more intuitive. It’s now more effortless to find your killer shots. You can even find those of *that* night out you “forgot to delete”

Xperia Transfer

As mentioned a few week’s back, we’ve made it easier to get started with your new Xperia smartphone – check out our post and video for a look at some of the key features.

It’s worth noting, we’re always looking to refine our computer apps to make your experience more fluid (including PC Companion for PC / Windows) – you’ll always find the latest update news right here on the blog!  

*Timing and availability will vary by market