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Quick heads up everyone. This week our Developer World colleagues have looked in-depth at one of our power management technologies, Battery STAMINA Mode – see how it works and tips for developers in optimizing apps to be more power-efficient.

We know there’s a balance (and sometimes compromise) between the high-end functionality you get in a smartphone and having the battery juice to experience it all. It can be frustrating after enjoying mobile entertainment (video and games especially), then not being able to maintain enough power to text, call, blog or tweet.  

It’s a common concern and something we regularly discuss in both consumer and more developer focused forums / social channels.

We recognized a few things: a) people don’t use their phone all day long and in many cases it can spend up to 90% of the day on standby in your bag or pocket, and b) many apps and processes continue to run in the background, using up your battery life.

To tackle this, we developed Extended Standby and Battery STAMINA Modes across 2012 and 2013 Xperia devices, to extend standby time by up to four times or more. The premise is simple; saving power consumption when you don’t need it, lets you get the most out of your battery life when you do need it.

It’s well worth checking out the Developer World content for all the info.