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This past weekend we held a hack day at IFA, where developers were invited to be amongst the first people to get their hands on Sony smartwatch 2.

It marks a new campaign we’ve launched this IFA week… “Stand out from the crowd“, a developer initiative to discover creativity & bring something extra to the Sony experience. We’ll offer various benefits and promo ops to selected participants: marketing support, the chance to join us at a trade show or two, and the option to grab Sony devices to develop and test on.

Back to the hack, we were joined by developers from across the spectrum; established Google play-ers, and others looking to channel fresh creativity. We tasked the group with porting and/or creating apps & extensions for smartwatch 2’s already 300-strong portfolio – before (as Kaz announced Weds) it hits stores later this month.

Hackathon 4

The event was held at hip co-working venue Ahoy Berlin… but the only thing “co” about the day was that the group were competing for Sony prizes – 1st Xperia Z Ultra / 2nd Xperia Z / 3rd Xperia ZR.

Our Developer World team and smartwatch product-line manager Sophie H-K opened the session with a short presentation, and Runtastic‘s Christian also dropped by to talk about his long-term wearable collaboration with Sony.

Hackathon 5

When all was said and done, “DrinkWatch” was chosen by our Developer World team and declared the winner – the app measures the number of consumed alcohol units, but also served to demonstrate AndroidScript – also created by the developers for Android & smartwatch apps using standard JavaScript.

“Free WiFi Notifier” placed 2nd, notifying upon known free (not just open) networks and “home-automation” app “Imperihome” took 3rd, allowing lights, thermostat and other appliance control direct from smartwatch!

We judged apps based on three criteria: a) originality b) quality and c) presentation / positioning – and you can see just how the developers progressed against that using #sw2hack.

Hackathon 3