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We recently created an infographic, featuring Xperia Z Ultra (of the exploded variety, below), to detail some of the work that went into accomplishing the world’s slimmest Full HD smartphone*.

Takefumi Masuda, Xperia Z Ultra R&D Project Manager, explains the thinking behind the creative…

Takefumi_Masuda_1The idea for this piece really came about during the early development stage – we wanted to showcase the innovation / experimentation within our engineering team; how we overcame, balanced and compromised aspects of traditional industrial engineering to create genuine smartphone world firsts.

Since announcing Xperia Z Ultra, the hot topic seems to be the size of both the display and body. At the concept stage, we took time to define the display size as it was the first time we’d embarked on creating a smartphone larger than 5″ – when discussions started a year ago, we had nothing to act as a reference or compare against.

Eventually, we fixed the display dimension at 6.44” because it worked well with our target 91mm width (the same as a passport), and we found this collectively provided the best canvas for our thin hardware architecture…

Since Xperia Z Ultra has many custom components sitting on the main board (just as with any super phone), we needed adequate and precise real estate – a 6.0” display wouldn’t have cut it. On that, we changed some of the ways we run factory production too, for example the 3000mAh battery has the biggest footprint, but is the thinnest component.

The other fundamental challenge was creating something “thin” without compromising on our signature durability feature. We selected the material of each component carefully – tough, machine-cut aluminium panels bring rigidity but also contribute the premium look and feel.

Even though we faced a few new challenges, we never gave up on the device’s thin form – it took trial and error, but we’re completely satisfied with the result, and what we achieved! And, despite the large display panel (and by no means a recommendation), we’re confident Xperia Z Ultra will pass the most rigorous of smartphone drop-tests!

Thanks to Takefumi for his time.


Xperia Z Ultra infographic
*Click to enlarge*