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To mark the launch of Xperia Z1 in Australia, art photographer Rex Dupain created / revealed a re-imagination of Australia’s most famous photograph, “Sunbaker”.

Originally shot by his father, modernist Max Dupain in 1937, “Sunbaker” is recognised as depicting a moment that encompasses the Australian lifestyle, spirit, culture… Rex captured the photograph as part of a wider collection of work that sees six images, re-imagined for the present day, all exclusively captured on Xperia Z1.


The collection also features modern takes on his father’s: “Surf Race” (1940), as well as three more of Rex’s own; “Girl with Red Towel” (2005), “At the Ropes” (2005) and “Chin Up” (1997). A sixth image, draws inspiration from Rex’s book, Australian Images, and features Dean ‘Deano’ Gladstone, a familiar face from Channel 10’s hit show “Bondi Rescue”.

Rex discovered a mutual love for his father’s craft early on, but after hitting late teens, he traded photography for painting. After exhibiting (and teaching) across the country, he returned to his first passion in the mid-90s, documenting the life and characters around Australia’s beaches.

We showcased Rex’s images at a special gallery event last week, and used Xperia Z Ultra to curate the backstory – check out some of the images below, and on Sony Mobile AU’s Facebook page.

All images are copyright Rex Dupain, courtesy Josef Lebovic Gallery and were shot on Sony Xperia Z1.