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Ever since launch, we’ve been rolling out updates for our Xperia Transfer service, so today here’s a quick note on the latest version (3.0), available now…

We recently updated Xperia Transfer (available through PC Companion or Bridge for Mac) so that you can move over all the essentials – contacts, messages, music, photos, (even) apps, videos and more – from iPhone, any Android (2.1 or later) or Xperia, Blackberry… to a brand-spanking new Xperia smartphone with just a few clicks.


In addition to original features, performance and UI tweaks, some of the key additions include:


  • New migration options; Xperia, any Android and Blackberry – to Xperia
  • App matching, Xperia Transfer will automatically offer Google Play versions or recommend equivalents
  • A new Android data extraction app, launched on Google Play, to make migration that bit easier from Android devices

Check our official details page here – and be sure to let us know how we can improve Xperia Transfer in the comments below.