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Quick heads up; we’re rolling a new software update* for our smartwatch 2 app from today…

It’ll bring a few performance tweaks and improvements (particularly to the home screen swiping experience) – just make sure you’re hooked up to the web and the update will happen automatically.

So, we thought this was a good a time as any to kick-off a fresh series of posts and video shorties looking at the best smartwatch 2 apps. We’re starting with “everyday life”, and over the next few weeks you’ll find us talking on social, fitness and work.

First up; “everyday life” – did you know that you currently touch your smartphone around 150 times per day? That’s a lot of toing and froing in and out of your pocket or bag, right?

It’s convenient to be  kept updated whilst on the go, especially if you’re multitasking leaves a little to be desired (*guilty*) – you might / probs / will need to check your messages, remember diary dates, adjust music volume, peek at your email and maybe even clock the time.

Here, Sony smartwatch 2 helps you keep an eye on the everyday – check out our new video above which explains it a bit better…

We’re starting with preinstalled; here’s a rundown of some of the best apps for “everyday life” (that you can use even when smartWatch 2 is not connected to your Android phone)…

Alarm clock

Set the alarm, select weekdays or weekend, set snooze duration (who doesn’t love a lie in?), and you’re all done. Then you’ve just got to wake up on time. (For the super sleepy, you can even set smartwatch 2’s alarm as well as the one on your phone, so now you have two devices to wake you up.)


Lost in the dark or can’t find your keys at the bottom of your bag? Just click on the flashlight icon on your smartwatch 2. Sorted.


Whether you’re boiling eggs, timing a speech or heading off on a morning run, you can use smartwatch 2 as a timer. Choose a normal timer or even a countdown option to add a little stress to the situation.


At the end of the day, it’s a smart *watch*. And smartwatch 2 tells you the time even when you’re not connected. Believe it or not, not every smart watch is quite that smart!

Stay tuned for our next app roundup, and why not check out all the latest and greatest on Google Play in the meantime?!

*Timing and availability may vary by market or carrier