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A fortnight ago, Yasu Nomura (Xperia Camera UX and Product & Portfolio Planning) answered your questions on our #XperiaZ1chat. When we did that interview we also asked Yasu if he could come up with the top five most amazing Xperia Z1 camera facts, and these are his answers:

First off, this might be cheating (& obvious) but many people aren’t away that Xperia Z1 is fully waterproof – imagine taking shots underwater? Much of the technology I’m about to talk through functions beneath the surface as well as above it…

1. Superior Auto mode automatically maximises the contribution of each of Xperia Z1’s camera elements; configured to detect 36 different scene types, and it does it all without any noticeable delay in the shooting experience. Superior Auto allows Xperia Z1 to automatically select which of the camera modes will best suit any given situation. It then tweaks the internal settings using smart algorithms to help users capture the best photo easily and quickly.

So for example, Superior Auto provides a stable “night landscape” after recognising conditions, and setting a slower shutter speed for better reproduction of color with less noise.


For well-lit conditions, it automatically senses the scene and enhances memory colours; blues, greens (those colours inseparable from certain common objects or events)…


2. The precision in the construction of the Sony G lens in Xperia Z1 is just incredible. Because we wanted to offer a brighter and wider angle than camera phone photographers are used to, it meant that the tolerances on the lens had to be absolutely flawless – each component is tested individually before being put together, then the final lens goes through yet another testing process where the last variances are perfected.

3. Timeshift burst – Xperia Z1 has the computational power to constantly buffer enough data for up to 60, 2 megapixel images every one thirtieth of a second. It’s serious innovation in camera performance, and means you’ll never miss that perfect shot again!

4. I was amazed by the possibilities that introducing the BIONZTM for mobile engine allowed us to explore. Xperia Z1’s camera is actually capable of high-sensitivity image processing up to ISO6400 using Sony’s industry leading noise reduction tech. This kind of performance would have been really difficult to emulate without the BIONZTM for mobile engine.

5. Despite all these features, for me the most amazing thing about the camera in Xperia Z1 is the way the whole thing comes together – the perfect marriage of the Sony G Lens to the large 1/2.3” Exmor RS for mobile sensor, to the BIONZTM for mobile engine – can you imagine what you would have said if, even 3 years ago someone had told you that we would be able to produce a camera that worked underwater, in the dark and produced great quality? Let alone that the camera in question would be in a slim, waterproof bodied smartphone?

I know I wouldn’t have believed it possible. It’s a fantastic testament to what can be achieved when innovation across Sony comes together. Learn more about Xperia’s camera capabilities