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Andrew Scriven is a London-born photographer, teacher and environmentalist who has spent the last few years of his life travelling the world and cataloging his journeys through photography. He was a 2011 finalist in the Sony World Photography Awards and won the People’s Choice award for National Geographic’s World in Focus contest in 2010.


Andrew took an Xperia Z1 to London’s South Bank to shoot these images, highlighting Timeshift burst as his favourite feature. In his words “I asked a skater to jump in the light for me and this was the first shot I took. I was delighted with it. For me, the timeshift burst is an incredibly impressive feature on the Z1. The camera saves 62 images over 2 seconds and I can easily select the best one. It even records before I press the shutter button so it’s ideal for capturing moments like these.”


Check out the shots above to see some of Andrew’s images and read the full text of his interview with the WPO here. To find out more about Andrew’s photography, check out his blog here. Learn more about Xperia’s camera capabilities