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As CES starts to loom on the horizon and the teams here get into planning mode, our efforts this week have been focussed on working with some of the world’s best camera phone photographers to showcase what you can achieve with the awesome camera on in Xperia Z1.

Elsewhere the team behind this week’s episode of “the take out” have been busy rummaging around down the back of the internet to bring you a beautiful plane crash and the punchiest lumberjack we’ve seen in some time.

At 4:00 am GMT this morning our friends from Playstation officially launched the PS4 in North America ahead of it’s EU launch on the 29th and if you want to see just how that went down you can watch the recorded event here.

Next week we’ll be talking to more photographers, getting their tips on how to use filters and post processing to best effect and looking at some of the new smart social camera apps available to Xperia Z1 owners, so stay tuned and enjoy the weekend.