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French photographer Juliette Martin saw photography as a means and opportunity to travel. She tells us that she finds most of her inspiration on the road and uses her photography to reach out to others to share and enrich her experiences. Here she talks about how her “Best Work” shot above was created and her experience of using Xperia Z1.

France - Best_Work 560w


1. Can you talk us through this shot?

I was able to take this photo thanks to the quality of the sensor in low light. I set up the shot at the end of an evening when I was walking in Montmartre. I crossed “La place du Tertre” when I saw a painter; He was alone, under a tree faintly lit by a lamp post. It was such a beautiful setting and because Z1 can take pictures quickly and easily I was able to capture this unique, in-the-moment shot.

2. How did Z1 deal with the high contrast areas in the picture, what settings did you use to produce the atmospheric lighting effect?

Z1 is very well equipped with editing software. In this case, I changed the contrast settings to soften the image so you can see details even in very dark areas. I used Pixlr Express to produce the atmospheric lighting effect with the “too old” filter followed by the desaturation option.

3. The shot looks like there’s very little light – how did you go about framing the photo to make the light work so well?

The large display makes it easy to manage the framing, which is particularly useful for night scenes.

4. Are there any features on Z1 that particularly impressed / surprised you?

I was very surprised by the editing software. It’s very accurate and efficient and offers so many choices for high-quality results. The filter options are cool too, so there are endless possibilities.                                                                              

5. What advice would you give to journalists who are reviewing the camera? How would you suggest they could set up some quick shots that really stretch its capabilities?

The Z1 camera is great fun to use – it is very intuitive and can be used by anyone. It has so many technical features, so professionals will really enjoy using it too. There’s no need for a computer as pictures can be edited directly on the phone; you can be anywhere without a computer and you’ll still be able to share professional pictures.