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It’s almost the end of the year which means it’s almost the end of our blog series looking at the app experiences available on smartwatch 2. Indeed, this is the fourth and final post.

So now you know that smartwatch 2 lets you be a socialite, a fitness freak and a master of everything in everyday life. But smartwatch 2 also means business…

Presentation Pal

Oh, dread… you’re in a business meeting and you have to make a presentation from your laptop. The room isn’t set-up to push the slides remotely so you’re left standing in front of your computer and not in front of the room like a gold standard speaker.

Well worry no more. With Presentation Pal you can run your presentation remotely from smartwatch 2 using Bluetooth connectivity. Just put the presentation on your handset and flick through the slides from your wrist. Easy.

Smartwatch PDF Reader

So many business documents come through as PDFs, and this little app is extra user friendly as it comes with a useful hassle free zoom function. Smartwatch PDF Reader comes with a small price tag but is well worth the investment.

Calendar Smart Extension

We have all been there; running to a meeting you remembered was happening five minutes after it started! With Calendar Smart Extension for smartwatch this doesn’t need to happen. Like a virtual PA, you can view your meetings, reminders and any other important items anywhere, at any time.

Email Smart Extension

Receive, read and reply to messages on the run, on the bus or in bed. There is now no excuse for colleagues not to be able to get a hold of you.

Explorer Pro

This is a handy little file manager/folder explorer for smartwatch 2. Again, it has a small cost but it’s worth it so you can surf through your folders and find the important documents that you need.

So that’s it for this year! All the smartwatch 2 apps info you need to get you through Christmas and beyond.

One more thing before we go… smartwatch 2 has just picked up Best Android smartwatch of the year from Android Headlines. What a great note to end on.

Make sure you watch (no pun intended) out for even more new and exciting apps to be announced for smartwatch 2 in the New Year.

Have a great one.