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Now that the dust has well & truly settled after CES, we’re looking back at the reaction to Xperia Z1 Compact… not confined to a bunch of great previews and hands-on reviews from attending media, our flagship variant also scooped a hatful of awards to boot.

Highlights included:

When we set out in developing Xperia Z1 Compact – we started by scribbling up two words: “no compromise”.

We wanted to do things differently; to break from the mould, take all the great features that make Xperia Z1 so recognisably Sony – into a compact form. We know smaller devices appeal to some of our users – but we kept asking ourselves; why should we hold anything back re. functionality or user experience?

It really is amazing to see the product recognised in such a way… but it’s testament to the vision; creativity and tenacity of our engineers & planners.

So, we’re excited for what started as just two words, to start rolling out globally from next month.