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As if saving New York City wasn’t enough, Spiderman has turned his attentions to protecting the world’s environment and inspiring everyone else to do the same. Yesterday, in a world first, Spiderman was announced as the first-ever super hero ambassador for the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)’s annual lights-out event, Earth Hour. Watch the Amazing Spiderman stars talk about Earth Hour here

Earth Hour and Spiderman remind us that “with great power comes great responsibility.”

Going from superpowers to miniature power now as Sony team up with the world’s largest miniature railroad. To celebrate the fusion between artistry and engineering, Sony shared the beautifully manufactured QX100 camera with Bruce Williams Zaccagnino, founder of Northlandz, and the world’s largest model railroad. Together, they used Sony’s QX100 lens-style camera to share the stunning miniature scenery of Northlandz with the world.

The video below shows how this experiment came together and if you want to check out some more photos and videos, head over to Separate Together.

It might not be able to take beautiful photos of tiny trains, but a bit of water is no match for the latest W Series Sports WALKMAN. The Sony team over in New Zealand created the mind boggling ‘Bottled Walkman,’ where Sony W Series MP3’s were *dropped* into bottles of water and placed in vending machines across a lucky number of gyms and swimming pools. That’s definitely some cool water!

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