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One of the coolest things about Android as a platform is its openness – the fluidity and ability to tweak the appearance and experience to make it truly custom and personal…

Don’t dig our UI? (We dare you!)… Well, as part of our on-going effort to create more unique experiences for users, we included “Xperia Themes” as part of our recent Android 4.3; Jelly Bean upgrade – it’s a new native Sony feature that will allow you to skin your Xperia smartphone in a number of creative styles.

Xperia Themes Elements

We recently caught up with Andreas Schön, one of the brains behind “Xperia Themes” to tell us a little more about it…

Xperia Themes in 140 characters – go?
Xperia Themes is a new and unique way to express your personality. Install a theme of your choice and skin up to 280 assets including navigation bar, icons and folders.

Why now – what’s the thinking behind launching a service like Xperia Themes?
Theme-ing was hugely popular amongst our customers back in the day when we sold feature phones, and we wanted to bring back that to our Android devices. Previously you needed to download and install 3rd party home launchers – a pretty complex experience for most users. With Xperia Themes, we’ve integrated the experience seamlessly in the device, so you get a completely new look, but also the same easy and intuitive Xperia navigation experience after installing. We will continue to add more stunning themes going forward via Sony Select / Google Play, to ensure there’s something for every style / mood / taste.

Can you talk about future features / plans / expansion?
So far, we’ve received very positive feedback from our users so we will continue to add more apps and assets that can be personalized. Keep your eyes peeled across our next series of software updates!

And lastly, you must have a favourite theme. What is it?
Wow – there are so many good themes published and coming so it is hard to choose. I change from day to day, so I can match my mood. One of the favourites is the Triflat – a stylish, colourful design theme.

“Xperia Themes” is a great piece of kit that can help you make your phone as personalized as you like. Today, there are hundreds of graphical elements that can be skinned in Xperia Themes. Starting from the most obvious UI elements like the wallpaper for the home screen and lock screen, down to the smallest components like navigation bar icons, checkboxes, switches, sliders and buttons. In the future, we plan to increase the number of elements and apps that can be skinned with Xperia Themes, so stay tuned for more updates and exciting features coming exclusive to us.

Andreas Schon