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If yesterday wasn’t enough to put a smile on your face (International Day of Happiness in case you missed it), here’s a few info pieces that’ll make you happy

Over at the PlayStation blog, Project Morpheus was announced earlier on this week. Everybody knows that anytime anybody puts a ‘Project’ in front of a word, it’s bound to be good. Our current prototype for Project Morpheus is a head mounted virtual reality system that works with PlayStation 4 – it has sensors that can track head orientation and movement, meaning when your head moves, the virtual reality world moves with you.

PlayStation is more than gaming. Drawing on its Sony Entertainment services, Sony is now adding original TV shows for PlayStation. The shows, such as the planned supernatural drama series ‘Powers,’ will be available exclusively to PlayStation 4.

Sony may be pulling its content together through PlayStation 4 but we’re also keen on taking stuff apart. Last week, our friends over at Sony Electronics did a teardown of Sony’s RX10 Camera. For those of you who are keen to take a look inside, check out the video below:

For more on the latest and greatest, have a look at (and subscribe to) this week’s The Take Out, where Eoghan talks about Buddy & Me, a cute game about a fluffy dog and a boy, but leaves us with a cliff-hanger re: the grand finale of the game. He also talks about balls (animated ones, people) and forces himself to refrain from making any untimely jokes (kind of…).