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Currently in their 61st year, the Red Dot Design Awards are one of the world’s largest and most renowned product design competitions. The awards celebrate the finest in product design from around the world, so it was with immense pride that we found out that both our XperiaTM Z Ultra Android smartphone and our QX lens-style camera series for smartphones have been rewarded with Red Dot’s ‘Best of the Best’ awards for this year.

We caught up with Naoe Kaneta,Saki Kanada and Takahiro Tsuge, three of the designers behind Xperia Z Ultra and the QX series respectively, to catch their reaction following the announcement:

Naoe Kaneta:
“I’m delighted! It was such a rewarding experience creating this product, for me and everyone else who worked on it. With this award, we’ve really highlighted the strength of Xperia series as a design concept. I’m very pleased that this model received such a significant award and I’m grateful to everyone involved.”

Saki Kanada:
“This amazing product owes its design to the imagination and dedication of everyone who went on this journey. Many thanks to the design team of Xperia Z Ultra and congratulations to all of the people involved.”

Takahiro Tsuge:
“Despite being a simple cylindrical shape, the design of QX series was a great challenge and was a success thanks to many people. The honour of receiving this award goes to all of the people who were involved.”

Alongside these products that scooped the top prize, Xperia Z1, Xperia M, Xperia C and a number of other Sony products also stood out from the 4,815 entries to be awarded Red Dot Design Awards for high design quality, as well as an Honourable Mention going to Sony’s Smartwatch 2.

Here’s a full list of the Sony products that were recognised with awards from this year’s expert panel:

Red Dot: Best of the Best
• XperiaTM Z Ultra
• DSC-QX10 / QX100

Red Dot
XperiaTM Z1
XperiaTM M
XperiaTM C
• VAIO® Fit 13A
• VAIO® Tap 11
• HDR-MV1 Music Video Recorder
• ILCE-7 / ILCE-7R Interchangeable-lens camera
• HMZ-T3W / HMZ-T3 Head-mounted Display
• NW-ZX1 Walkman®
• NW-W274S Waterproof Sports Walkman®
• SH800 / SP6800Cell Sorter / Spectral Analyzer

Red Dot: Honorable Mention
• Smartwatch 2

With entrants coming from 53 countries and only 1.5% of all entries in the competition receiving the coveted awards, this year’s wins are a real validation of the great work put in by the Sony design teams and help to cement our reputation as one of the world’s leading product design companies.

Many thanks to the Red Dot Design expert jury – you’ve made our day! Discover Xperia’s design capabilities