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Through our Xperia smartphones, our portfolio of accessories and SmartWear Experience we’re focused on creating products that fit into busy and exciting lifestyles, helping people to make the most of everything life throws at them.

Telling the story of extraordinary moments needs tech that’s out of the ordinary, and moments don’t get much more unusual than when you’re upside down, rotating, and flying through the air at 50mph on a glorified piece of wood

So, with that in mind, we sent our pint sized flagship smartphone, Xperia Z1 Compact to someone who’s life is, well, extraordinary.

For those unfamiliar with the snowboarding world, Katie Ormerod is one of the world’s most exciting young boarders – at just 16 she’s already regarded as one of the UK’s best in the business having been well placed in a number of world tournaments. Oh, and she knows her way around a trick or two.

We sent Katie an Xperia Z1 Compact to use during her spring training, but before she left for Austria we managed to catch up with her to learn a bit more about what she’ll be doing with her Xperia.


Your training regime sounds pretty intense, and I imagine juggling it with school is a little unusual. What does a typical week involve for you?
Yeah, it’s pretty crazy. Although a typical week really does depend on whether I’m training at home after school, practicing on the slopes abroad, or training with the British team in the run up to a big competition.

I’m going to Austria, Italy, Scotland, America and then back to Austria again – just in the next couple of months! But because I’m only 16 I still have to do my studies, even when I’m abroad. When I’m travelling my teachers give me work to do, so that can sometimes spoil the fun!

You’re obviously not afraid of much – some of your tricks are amazing! What’s your favourite trick, and are there any you’re still trying to master?
Well I had been training for the double backflip for ages, so it was great to finally pull that one off – especially when the cameras are rolling! Apparently I am the youngest woman to ever land it in a competition, which is pretty cool.

I want to try bigger spins and some more switch rotations. I’d love to try and pull off a Cab9. There are some other pretty big tricks I want to try on the slopes too, ones I’ve been practicing going into a foam pit, which is a bit of a safer environment. So yeah, I’m really looking forward to getting back on the mountains!

Judging from your Twitter feed you enjoy taking landscape photographs of the beautiful scenery when you’re on the mountain. What’s been the most stunning scenery you’ve boarded in?
There are so many amazing photo-opps when you’re on the slopes, no matter where you go. I think Breckenridge in Colorado is my favourite though – It’s just so cool there. Laax in Switzerland has some stunning scenery too. I’ll take some pictures there for you!

So, you’ve had the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact for a couple of weeks now and you’vehad a chance to play about with some of the cool features. What’s your favourite feature on the phone?
The phone’s great! I’m very impressed with the camera – it really captures what you’re looking at. It’s nice not having to take off my gloves to use the phone too. I also really like WALKMAN app; it gives me something to listen to when going down the slopes.

Sounds like you’ve got an exciting few months coming up. What’s in the pipeline? – Sorry about the pun, I couldn’t resist!
Lots of travelling and slope time to prep. Training in Austria throughout March and then off to the Junior World Championship in Italy. After that I’m going over to Scotland to train there for a few weeks so I can’t wait! Especially as there is so much snow up there right now! So yeah, I’m getting a lot of air miles this month!

We’ll catch up with Katie in the coming months to show you some of the snaps and videos she’s captured out on the mountains and find out how she’s getting on with her Xperia.

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