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Paul Steele SquareSome of you might recall that last month we caught up with the Rambler with a Camera Paul Steele. Well, we gave the notorious Bald Hiker a range of Sony Xperia products and it’s fair to say the pictures he’s taken with his Xperia are absolutely stunning.

We recently caught up with Paul to ask for some his top mobile photography tips to help you make the most out of yourSony Xperia smartphone camera. Check out some of his useful tips and amazing photos below.

Tip 1 – Reflections

Look for reflections. Reflections can turn what you might think is a boring subject, into an interesting picture. Not just window reflections or reflections in lakes, but try to look down at the puddles on the ground on a rainy day or the glint in someone’s glasses.

Train station

Tip 2 – Angles

Be creative and try different angles. Lie flat on the ground or point the camera up. You will be amazed how your picture will change by just getting down on your knees or stomach.

Blood hounds

Tip 3 – Lines

Keep your eyes open and find patterns or lines in your subjects, whether they be people, buildings or landscapes. Combing creative angles with harsh lines can really make a photo stand out.

Red Building

Green field

Tip 4 – Light

Low light situations can be tough to photograph, so try to use the light that is coming in through windows – it will often give a dreamy or mysterious feel to your photo. Try to get the focus points aimed at the dark parts of the subject; this will automatically improve the light in the picture. (Pointing at the light parts will make all dark parts go even more dark because the camera will try to correct the (over) exposure on the light parts.


Tip 5 – Focus

Try to shift the standard focus to a different part of the image. Normally when photographing animals you would want the eyes to be in focus. In this picture by focusing on the nose instead of the eyes, you create a cute feel and you can almost hear the dog sniffing. The same goes for flowers, try not to focus on the flower in the foreground, but try choosing the one behind that instead; with an Xperia this can be done by changing the setting in your camera app to manual focus, then you just tap the screen on the part you want to be in focus.


Tip 6 – Composition

Move the main subject to the edge instead of in the middle of the picture. It will make the picture more interesting and you lead the viewers’ eye through the picture, showing that it’s not just a boat for example but that there’s things going on around it. Being creative with the composition will make your picture more vibrant and will tell a story in a much better way than when having just one focal point.


Purple flower

Tip 7 – Subjects

Keep your eyes open, even old things like signs, buildings, doors, toys or flowers and leaves that have nearly wilted can make a great photo. You don’t have to go far to find subjects, just take a closer look at the things around you.


All photos were taken with an Xperia Z1 Compact