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We’re delighted to announce a brand new and exciting XperiaTM camera app that’s coming exclusively to Sony Xperia Z2 customers; Live on YouTube – by XperiaTM.

Live on YouTube – by XperiaTM allows users to broadcast up to 15 minutes of video direct to their YouTube channel from the latest Xperia handsets.

Working in a similar way to our Social LiveTM application, users can shoot videos using their Xperia devices and stream them straight on to YouTube at just the press of a button.  It’s perfect for allowing would-be directors and amateur reporters to share exciting live moments with the world (or just with friends), direct from their Xperia Z2.

Whether you want to stream your child’s first steps, broadcast your own webinar or share your best friend’s wedding speech, Live on YouTube – by XperiaTM allows your followers and friends to see what you’re seeing, precisely when you’re seeing it.


Users can share links with viewers to their finished videos, see the number of views, likes and dislikes in real time, decide which videos should be public or private and even set automatic reminders for when the broadcast should stream online.

This app is the next stage in the evolution we started with Social LiveTM for Xperia Z1 in 2013. We’ve since worked hard with both our development team and external partners to bring consumers even more fun, exciting and useful apps that allow you to make the most of your Xperia smartphone.

In order to use the Live on YouTube – by XperiaTM application, users must have a verified YouTube account that is in good standing and has not been flagged as breaching existing copyright laws.

Live on YouTube – by XperiaTM is ready to download1 directly from Google Play on your Xperia Z2; or alternatively by opening the menu within the camera and selecting ‘+Apps’ to download the app.  You need to ensure that the LIVE broadcast feature is turned-on in your YouTube account. You can do that here:

Keep an eye out for more exciting apps coming from our development and third party teams!


1 Note that Live on YouTube – by XperiaTM is not available to download in select markets, including Germany, where live streaming is not enabled on YouTube.