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We’re rather proud of our Sony Xperia Z2. It’s a flagship smartphone that really shows how the details make the difference. Waterproof capability – check, 4K video – check, 20.7 megapixel camera – check. All in all, a brilliantly intuitive and easy to use smartphone.

But because Xperia Z2 is full to the brim with fabulous features, it’s easy to miss some of the more subtle details in our best smartphone yet. Here’s our rundown of five top features you may have missed!

Tip 1 – Stop your phone interrupting your meetingSilent Night

Ever fumbled about with your phone in a panic until the caller hangs up? Well fumble no more. With
Smart call handling activated, simply bringing Xperia Z2 to your ear answers the call, shaking it rejects and placing it face down turns the ringer off. Magical.

Tip 2 – Avoid late night wake up calls

Use Smart Connect to put your Xperia Z2 on a timer for silent mode and keep it quiet when you’re trying to catch up on sleep. Say goodbye to those 3am calls from forgetful friends in a different time zone.

SmartBacklightControlTip 3 – Turn on the screen with just two taps

Pressing buttons can be a drag. With ‘tap to wake up’ activated in Xperia Z2’s settings, simply double-tap your Sony screen to wake it up. Hassle free.

Tip 4 – It knows when you’re looking at it!

Turn on Smart backlight control and Xperia Z2 recognises when it’s being looked at, just by the angle you’re holding the device. The backlight then stays on, even when you’re not touching the screen.

No more lights out when you’re looking through your holiday snaps and no more shutting down when you’re halfway through an e-book.


Tip 5 – Headphones in, music on. Headphones out, music off

Starting up your music can be as simple as plugging your headphones in. With Music at home in Smart Connect, your music app opens up as soon as the headphones are plugged in and pauses as soon as they’re removed. You’ll never have one of those awkward ‘power ballads blaring out on the bus’ moments again.

These are just some of the simple life hacks that your Xperia Z2 can do. We’ll be sharing some more fantastic – and sometimes missed – features with you all in the coming weeks.

What are your favourite tips and tricks with Xperia? Share some of the ones you use most in the comments section below.