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We’re always keen to meet people who are Xperia fans and use our smartphones to capture their lives in cool and creative ways.

Sophie Eggleton somehow finds time to be a music journalist, stylist, fashion editor, designer, artist, blogger and vlogger. She’s also lovely. We wanted to catch up with her to see what it is she does and how she’s been getting on with her Xperia Z1 Compact.

1AR_EFFECT_19700219032856. So for all our readers out there, what do you do Sophie, and where do you do it?

So, currently I am Fashion and Music Editor at Culture Compass. I freelance for other websites so I am often covering events, or doing interviews in London for them too. The rest of the time I work through my artwork commissions – these vary from rock band merchandise to fashion designs. That’s really my passion; I love sketching. I’ve also started vlogging but it is very early days….

2. Looking at your Instagram and Twitter feeds I can imagine a lot of people are envious of what you do, how did you get in to it?

It is not something I planned actually. I graduated with a First in Fine Art and as you can imagine, I was confused about how to translate that into a paying career. I had always had a regular stack of fashion glossies and loved gazing over the editorials, so I thought that using my creativity within fashion could be an interesting path to take. As soon as I finished uni I sorted out some internships including Eve, Glamour, Elle, First and Vogue – This lead to styling assisting work at the likes of NME, Easy Living and 125. I was still hankering after more creativity so I decided to try a different combination of fashion and art by becoming an artwork assistant at Alexander McQueen, which gave me a chance to do more sketching. I also started writing for websites and blogging, which eventually lead to interviewing musicians, artists and other creatives. Eventually this led to on camera work, which now takes up the majority of my time. Blogging and Vlogging require you to be really proactive so I am often looking for new projects.

3. You go to a lot of fashion shows and get to meet some really cool people. Do you have a favourite interview or event that you’ve been to?
There was a Rimmel London event I was invited to a few years ago which was an amazing party at Battersea Power station. I got to see Kate Moss in the flesh that night. Sometimes it is odd to be up close to someone so iconic who you’ve studied in magazines for so many years. The opening of a Queen exhibition in London a little while ago was a surreal night too. I somehow accidentally got locked in a room with Jessie J and all members of the Foo Fighters. Dave Grohl is my hero, so I had to go and talk to him. Sadly I turned into the dullest person on earth. Oh well!

Skull4. Fashion is obviously a very important part of your life. How do you think this crosses over in to the tech space?

Well it crosses over more and more every day. Not only in the way I consume and give out information about style, but by using apps to help me shop, sell and make fashion decisions. The fashion industry is also constantly coming up with new technologies in terms of manufacturing, the materials they use and their design processes. I was actually using the Kaleidoscope tool in the Creative Effects app on my Z1 Compact the other day and the outcomes looked like wonderful print designs. Digital prints on clothing has been a big trend for the last few years – if camera technology is good enough I don’t see why we can’t use images captured using our phones for this from now on. The fact that bloggers, and Video bloggers from YouTube are filling up the seats at fashion shows also says a lot about how technology is changing fashion.

5. How are you getting on with Xperia Z1 Compact? Some of the pictures you’ve taken are great!

I have a confession. I am not the best at adapting to new technology. I held on to my first brick of a phone for as long as possible – it was held together by hair bands and Sellotape. The fact that I have got used to this phone so quickly says a lot about how user friendly it is! Aside from being able to use the Internet and check my email etc., the most important thing for me is the quality of the camera. The camera on Xperia Z1 Compact is brilliant, and is already making for some cracking Instagram pictures and videos. I think my friends are getting a tad annoyed with me using AR Effects and turning them into disco divas, fairies and pirates though! I recently attended some of the London graduate fashion shows and made great use of the Timeshift burst feature. I finally have a phone that allows me to get clear pictures of the catwalk models in motion!

6. I imagine summer must be a very exciting time for you. What have you got coming up?

We are well and truly immersed in festival season. My job is very last minute and spur of the moment, which is very exciting but also means I can’t plan anything! I’ve just got back from seeing Iron Maiden at Sonisphere and McBusted in Hyde Park. So you can tell I like to mix it up! It’s also fair to say that with the weather we’ve been having I’ve been able to test out how waterproof Xperia Z1 Compact really is! Over the coming weeks there will be more interviews and fashion press days I’m sure, as well as opportunities for me to do more drawing. I’ll share some more of drawings with you in the coming weeks!

We’ll catch up with Sophie again in a couple of weeks, but in the meantime have a look at her stunning drawings below and check out some of the cool behind-the-scenes Timeshift Burst snaps she’s taken!